The following radio piece was created during my time reporting for the University of Queensland in Vietnam in February 2015

Fresh Flavours are Brewing in Ho Chi Minh City

Although Vietnam is the second largest exporter of coffee in the world behind Brazil, specialty coffee is still a foreign concept to the local coffee drinker.

Local artist and owner of [A]cafe, Nguyen Truc, is bringing fresh coffee flavours to Ho Chi Minh City.


Below is a collection of radio pieces created for university purposes


Carindale Real Estate Agent Challenges Legislation

Real estate agent and Carindale local Glenn Millar is challenging legislation which threatens to place hefty fines on agents who discuss price with buyers.

The laws will ban agents and auctioneers from sharing price guides, in an
attempt to prevent buyers from being drawn in by misquoted prices.


CityCycle Current Affairs Piece

The Brisbane City Council has introduced helmets to the CityCycle bike hire scheme in an effort to boost user numbers.
However some are questioning whether the program is a feasible option in Brisbane city.


Refugee and Asylum Seeker Settlement

As thousands of asylum seekers and refugees continue to land in Australia by boat each year, the government has put a hold on all permanent residence visas in an effort to dissuade further arrivals.

This has resulted in the introduction of the Bridging Visa E: a visa banning all refugees and asylum seekers from leaving the country, from seeking employment, and from bringing any family members over to join them in Australia.


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