Seeking Wealth on the Streets of Hanoi

This piece was created during my time reporting for the University of Queensland in Vietnam in February 2015

During the Đổi Mới economic reform in 1986, Vietnam implemented an open-door policy towards foreign investment.

This policy caused dramatic changes for the country, attracting international interest and opening up the economy to market forces.

As a result, the gap between rich and poor is increasing.

Contrast between Rich and Poor in Hanoi


Louis Vuitton and Scooters


Dior and Powerlines


Lady on the Street


Dog at the Window


Chairs of Hanoi




Louis Vuitton and Lanterns


Alleyway and Chandelier




Living Life through a Screen

Below is a visual piece exploring the effects that increasing dependence on technology can have on our lives, our relationships, and the way we view our world.



The following piece explores the quiet, hidden world of live gigs that exists off-stage, in the audience.

Through this piece, I wanted to show that a gig is more than just a band playing on stage. A gig is a beautifully layered experience of unspoken ritual and subconscious observation. It is filled– and in a way, defined by spaces and shadows, shoulders and stage lights. Moments of quiet amongst the chaos. A gig is an experience.



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